Is multimedia important for Congo?

thumbnail_RachelN The multimedia course is important for Congo because it will allow the Congolese people to tell their stories on the internet, to tell the information of Congo so that others will know the stories of Congo. Also it is better to study multimedia in Congo because if Congolese don’t know how to make their story on the internet, anyone can make the story of Congo on the net as he or she wants. But being Congolese it is very important to study multimedia so that we will be able to make on the internet the true story of Congo. — Nyota Mwasi Rachel

thumbnail_adelphineMultimedia is just as important for DRC as it is for other countries in the world.
We are obligated to learn this course for the transformation of Congo.
We learn multimedia so we can publish news in different ways via the internet, newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines. — Adelphine Angemito Tebungagi

thumbnail_Malonga I thank so much my teacher of multimedia, Anne, for sharing her knowledge so that I can get some practical skills that will decrease the challenges I face. As a practical course, it doesn’t rely on theoretical examples, so it helps us to know many things that are very current and modern and to know how to use equipment such as sound recorders, microphones, cameras and how to upload sound and photos on computers, etc. This course is very important to me in so many ways. However, I think sound is the most important. Before I learned multimedia, I did not know how to do an interview, how to hold the audio recorder and the microphone or how to use a digital camera. But now, I can deal with them. Thanks to this course, I now know what qualities of photos are better for different situations: wide? medium? tight? Moreover, I know different rules of shooting: the rule of thirds, repeating patterns, leading lines, etc. Therefore, this course is very important for me because it will help me tell stories about the realities of Congolese people and to share them with the world through the internet in order to inform the world. — Kasereka Malonga Augustine

thumbnail_SeraphineThe course of multimedia is very important for us as future journalists because it helps us see many different kinds of photos and how to shoot images when you are near, far or very close (medium, wide, tight) and their qualities. In this course, we learn how to use photos and cameras, how to hold cameras, what position to take, etc. Furthermore, multimedia will help us slowly to work on computers to arrange sounds. Therefore, for us future journalists, this course will help us to work in our domain of journalism. — Fina Najulu Seraphine

thumbnail_bienfaitThis multimedia course is so important especially in the communications faculty because it helps us to make stories that are clear and that can be well understood by people. This course allows us to increase our ways of telling Congolese stories because we will not only write but we will also support our writings with pictures, sounds and videos, so people can hear, see and feel what is going on.
Mwendabandu Batundi Bienfait

thumbnail_gloryThis course of multimedia is very important for our training as journalists because it’s giving us some clarification as to what we will be doing in the future. As journalists, we are called to tell stories to people all over the world, so this course will help us to accomplish our mission. — Glory Kalengero

thumbnail_FloridaMultimedia is very important to me because I’m doing communications, so I want to learn a lot about media. Secondly, it’s important because since I have been studying multimedia, I’m now able to take photos, to interview someone and also to use computers. Multimedia taught me how to mix sound and photos so that the information can be understood without any problems for those who will see and listen to it. One thing that has been a little difficult about multimedia is using the computer. I am slow with using it, but I hope I will get fast with time. I also have a problem understanding English in multimedia class, but very soon, I will be better in English. — Sibanzire Mukonzo Florida

thumbnail_RachelZMultimedia is important in our country and in the world because media is really important. A country without media is dead. The role of the media is to communicate with people through magazines, TV, radio and so on. Multimedia helps us to communicate with people everywhere in the world. I like studying this course because I want to be a journalist one day. Congo needs journalists. — Zawadi Nasekwa Rachel

thumbnail_pacifiqueMultimedia is important for DRC because it is a tool of expression, a means through which a story can quickly and thoroughly be spread. Congo needs it for it has faced and is facing so many issues such as war, violence, rape, poverty, etc. and needs to stop all these problems. Multimedia can help DRC to sell a new image of itself and change its reputation in the world, so that the fighting for freedom and against injustice can produce real results. — Ikoca Afumba Pacifique

thumbnail_StevesMultimedia is very important in DRC because through multimedia, Congolese will show the great realities of DRC without lies by creating good stories that will show what DRC is. Through multimedia, Congolese will be able to edit their videos, pictures and audio without going outside of Congo, which will result in the growth of the economy of the country. — Ndoole Kanyangambi Steves

thumbnail_LeckiseI never had any knowledge concerning multimedia. I used to ask myself how this empty space would be filled. So I’m proud of our teacher’s presence among us because this empty space will be filled. This course is important because it will allow us to inform the world about is happening in our country—not only the war but also good stories, good pictures and the way that Congolese people are living. — Bagonza Atwooki Leckice

thumbnail_JacksonMultimedia is so important in Congo because it gives our people the opportunity to know better how the world’s technology is improving. Through multimedia, Congolese will begin to love video so that they will understand and listen to the world’s stories. People around the world want to see, hear and understand realities. I think it’s the same in Congo. People will learn more in Congo about other countries through multimedia. I think also through multimedia Congolese people will be convinced to change their bad behavior by seeing others doing good things. As we become well informed in multimedia, I think that we will be Congo’s hope for the future. — Tsongo Luvagho Jackson

thumbnail_IreneMultimedia is very important to me because it has helped me to know how to use computers. For example, I have learned how to be a little faster while working on sounds and interviews. With multimedia, I have learned how to make stories with the interviews and photos that we take. Multimedia has helped me to know how to interview someone without stepping on my audio. I have also learned how to take good pictures by shooting tight, wide and medium. — Irene Kasali

thumbnail_Idi In Africa, specifically in Congo, new technologies have not arrived yet or are not very advanced. However, in this course, I’ve learned how to work with sound recorders and how to edit audio on the computer. Moreover, it allows me at the end of my studies to find work in the profession of multimedia. However, I think all the skills I have learned will be almost forgotten after this class since I do not own the equipment to practice every day in order not to forget the techniques acquired. In addition, our country is not endowed with the equipment necessary to create successful multimedia. In short, the course has been good to follow in spite of the future, and I am so proud to have received it. — Idi Sango

Rehema This media course is important to me because through this course, I am coming to learn different things about computers. It has also helped to show me a website that I didn’t know which is This course will help me more in the future to be organized during an interview and use the correct techniques on the recorder. The problem is that it’s a course that needs for a learner to be serious and have more time to practice than other courses. I think that it would be better to take this course for three months. It has helped us to know more and has been a good opportunity for myself. If we continue to practice after the course, it will improve our knowledge. — Rehema Bulamuzi

thumbnail_Nana Multimedia is important for me because it’s helped me to use computers, to save pictures and record interviews. It’s helped me also to know how to communicate with the population in Beni and Congolese people in general.
Nana Iyhmopo

thumbnail_Zawadi Multimedia is very important to me because with multimedia I have hope that I can do many things now that I’m able to take photos. Through multimedia, I have the courage to learn more about computers. It encourages me to work hard, even if I’m busy so I can know how to do such things.
I have a hope one day I can be like my teacher.
Zawadi Mutsukunde

thumbnail_EsperanceMultimedia is very important to me because, firstly, multimedia has opened my mind to something that I didn’t know before. Now I’m a bit able to do it and to understand it. Secondly, multimedia gives me the knowledge of computers. Before, I didn’t know how to use the equipment, but now I use it. Also, I didn’t know how to do interviews and how to edit with a computer. And I didn’t know how to record but now I’m able to do it, and to cut my voice in the interview. — Esperance Likele

thumbnail_YannickIn my opinion, this course is very important because, first of all, it adds something new to my knowledge. In addition, it helps to shape my identity as a journalist. It helps me to know how different people are doing their jobs, to know how to make a story about someone and his activities in my city. I can even make a story about my country. This course is important because as I’ve been studying it, I have had to put in my mind that what I have to do is about the truth, not for fun or fiction. — Yannick Kalinga

thumbnail_AnnieThis course is very important for me and for my country because students are practicing what they learn, and they also have an idea of what is waiting for them in the future. It is also important because we are not only practicing but also we are becoming the ones who will tell the world what is happening in our country. We don’t have to wait for people from outside to tell our stories. Instead, it will be our turn. — Kahindo Annie

thumbnail_LeslieGod is good for bringing Anne to teach the communications students this multimedia course. I have learned a lot in this class: taking photos, how to edit in a computer, how to make a story and how to interview people. Doing this, it will really help us as Congolese to explain to people outside the realities of our country—that there are also good things going on, not only violence and war as other people think. — Kavira Kalume Leslie

thumbnail_edouineMultimedia is important for me as a future journalist because I must be informed in order to share information with others. Without knowing cameras, computers, etc., though, I can’t do this. Multimedia is very important for my country because there are many journalists who don’t have the opportunity to study multimedia. We in Congo face challenges that we must transform into opportunity, but without the right skills, we can’t do it. — Kateli Edouine

thumbnail_ModesteI think multimedia is very important here in Congo because through it we shall succeed to change our challenges into opportunities and then to transform our country. For instance, during the war in Congo, so many people have been mistreated and even killed for nothing. If we want to find solutions to such challenges, first we must use the tools of multimedia in order to hear and to see what has been happening during the war so that we may be able. This course of multimedia is very helpful to me because it gives me the first tools of transformation and it teaches me how to make a good story that can be heard everywhere in the world. So, multimedia is the blood of transformation, and it’s a tool of showing feelings and emotions. — Modeste Muvunga Jongeli

thumbnail_JanuaryMultimedia is important in DRC because it helps show realities, and it helps Congolese to be educated, to know how to take photos, and how to use computers. For a long time, Congolese haven’t known how to make good multimedia. Now, we can practice and educate people, so multimedia is very important in DRC. — Kambale Mbayilwako January

thumbnail_TshopoI am very happy to study multimedia because from its practice, I have learned so many things that I did not know before. I thank God for sending us teacher Anne to teach us; her way of teaching is so clear despite all our weaknesses. This course if very important because it is for practical life, and it will help us in our own lives. I now know the qualities of good photos: wide, medium, tight, leading lines, etc. Moreover, I now know how to record an interview and how to edit out bad sound from the good with the computer. I can also shoot pictures with a camera now. — Katungu Tshopo

thumbnail_SandraMultimedia is very important to me because I want to be a multimedia journalist. I want to know more about how to put together sounds, images and interviews and that is exactly what this course is teaching me. Multimedia is also important to me because it has taught me how to edit natural sounds and interviews so far. Through the computer practice during the course, it has helped me to be fast while using computers. — Mathe Sandra

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