Finally in Congo!

So much about life here feels familiar—the streets, the people, the transportation, the food. I get the sense I have been here before, although I know I am simply transferring my memories of Ghana 15 years ago to this place.

The students I have met so far at UCBC (the university here in Beni) seem ready and eager to learn. Technology, unfortunately, seems less willing to cooperate.

The university’s power generator broke down two days ago—not an unusual occurrence by any stretch of the imagination, but apparently more dire this time. A reputable technician needs at least a week to fix the problem. My classes begin in two. And no news on when or where a reputable technician might be found. Welcome to Congo.

Knowing this, I spend my days brainstorming ways to teach my multimedia classes without computers. Perhaps this is my first lesson from Congo—how to adapt.me_thumbnail_2

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