Students reflect on multimedia course

thumbnail_Samy My perspective on the course of multimedia is very, very positive because with what we have already been shown by our teacher, it’s given me a lot of hope for my studies and for my country as a journalist. So this multimedia course is very important for me and for my colleagues as well. — Samy Banihasi

thumbnail_EsaieThis class is my favorite so far this year. I think it will help us as future journalists to know many things about new techniques of communication in this century. As journalists, we need to know techniques we can use during our job. This course cannot only help us to know techniques, but also to meet with people so it can become routine. It prepares us to have a commitment with people around us. One thing that has touched me a lot is that our teacher wants us to understand. She is committed to us so we can know what we will do in the future. — Musayi Kathavu Esaie

thumbnail_Tete Attending multimedia class is what I’ve been wishing since my first year at UCBC. And now my wish has come true. This class will really help me know many things like editing the audio and photos I gathered for my research on a computer and taking real and true pictures that can be appreciated by many people. — Tete Abdallah

In my opinion, multimedia is very good. First of all, it’s very important and it’s in my interest to do it. With multimedia I will be able to communicate ideas, to share what I really think. Through multimedia I can tell the story of my people, my country and share with others about my community and let them see through pictures how life is here and how the social-cultural situation is here in the heart of Africa. Secondly, multimedia is so interesting to me because I can know how to use computers correctly, how to use different software and how to save pictures, sound and interviews, etc. Multimedia is very important because there is an opportunity to share information quickly around the world. — Nono Iyhemopo

thumbnail_FrancineThe multimedia class is meeting my expectations. I have been dreaming about how I could go outside to combine images and audio in order to let people in the world know what the realities of our country are. I think this is exactly what we are moving toward with multimedia class. — Nabintu Murhebwa Francine

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